List of Personal Websites of Regular EpicureanFriends Participants

  • We already have a list of links to other Epicurean websites, but it occurs to me that our regular users may have personal hobbies or websites that they would like to let other users know about. Probably the best place for that would be to mention it in your individual user profile, but it might be a good idea for us to have a central list of links for such sites. As a test I am going to pin this post to the top of the General Discussion forum. If you have website that you'd like to have listed, please add a note to this thread and I will add it here in the first post. I'm thinking primarily of sites like music, poetry, general writing, etc, and it may be that if the very name of a site violates our "no politics" rule it might not be appropriate here, but we'll deal with that issue if and when it arises.

    List of websites of participants
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