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  • It's easy to see from the titles of the thread that we haven't used this subforum regularly. Might be best to fold this into "General Discussion" but maybe let's keep it separate a while longer because over time we really need to do more with this. Already a few of us have a regular 20th Skype call, and that needs to expand to include more people. If you would like to join our Twentieth Skype call, or suggest another 20th activity, please post below.

  • Cassius

    Changed the title of the thread from “About This Subforum” to “About This Subforum Twentieth Commemorations Subforum”.
  • I'm a big advocate and fan of Discord, and I know I have suggested it before, but I truly do feel that for the needs of a group such as this, it definitely outperforms Skype in utility and ability.

    When I made the notion before, I recall one of the reasons being people were having issues with it. That being an issue, I'd be more than happy to troubleshoot any problems as they arise if people were interested in trying the option of Discord.

    Of course, if people have a natural preference for Skype then that settles that matter, but I did want to suggest again just as a reminder of it as a potential option.

  • Thanks for the input A_Gardner. Let me get with Charles and discuss that alternative. I had no problems with it myself, but some others did. And it may well be that we could make an appearance on both platforms. There are also alternatives like Zoom which are apparently even easier to use. I suppose I need to just ask the current participants what they prefer while keeping an eye on whether there is enough interest to support a move, or two events.