Etymology & pronunciation of επίκουρος

  • Poking around on the internet today and came across a 2017 paper abstract on the etymology of the word/name επίκουρος. Looks like researcher traces it back to Indo-European. Granted, a little in the weeds but figured I'd share since we have a vested interest in someone named that ;)

    I also was watching a video* recently where the person was pronouncing Epicurus/Επίκουρος with stress on the second syllable: -pi- "e-PI-cur-us". Usually, I hear it and pronounce it "e-pi-CUR-us" when Anglicizing it. I had never heard that other pronunciation before and looked back at the original Greek and, sure enough, the acute accent mark (high tone) is on the -pi-/-πι-. That gives a whole different "flavor" to the sound of our founder's name. Give it a try.

    Just found these interesting and thought I'd share.

    *I'm not advocating the video content just found the pronunciation novel.

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  • Having had the opportunity to speak with Elli several times I have definitely heard the ePICurus pronunciation. I am so used to the Anglicized version that I can't bring myself to use it, but it sounds like that is the original pronunciation.

    I will tag elli here to help us but I happen to know that she is going through some very difficult family health issues right now so it may be a while before we hear from her.