Star Trek / Captain Kirk / Conflict Between Feeling (Kirk) and Logic (Spock)

  • I know from my devotion to the original series over the years that there are many illustrations posing the issue of conflict between "feeling" and "logic" in Star Trek. However I never watched the final movie and I was not aware of this scene, so thanks to Nate for letting me know about it.

    "I need my pain..."

    We could go on and on and on listing scenes and episodes describing this conflict, because it is a recurring theme of the series. I personally think that one of the episodes that is most relevant to our Epicurean discussions is the entire episode entitled "This Side of Paradise" which poses the question of whether humans would choose to live in an apparent painless paradise but devoid of deep emotion. And I think it is particularly interesting how Kirk uses the generation of deep "feeling" / emotion as the means to break free from the spores.…Trek:_The_Original_Series)

    We can extend this thread or not based on whether anyone else has favorite scenes, but this one that Nate cited today is excellent!!