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  • Hi Kalosyni Thanks for the welcome. So I have never really been that involved in philosophy. I joined an online debating group that were based in Thailand, probably now debating in real life again ( this was during covid) but I found it so difficult to keep up with what was being discussed. Somehow, I’ve stumbled across Epicurus on the internet - I came across him on the YouTube channel Einzelganger but the channel also covers other philosophers. So yes, I guess at some point I started reading m…
  • Martin - no, I just visit there every year. Have friends there and in the future want to retire there. Chiang Mai and other places in the north are my hangouts! Cassius - thanks for the clarification. I have been reading around and I found this (from Wikipedia - yes I know!) “Epicurus taught that although the gods exist, they have no involvement in human affairs.” Would that be accurate? Do you know why he believed in any gods at all? I am an atheist btw
  • Also thank you so much for the reading list. That is fantastic. I will definitely be studying, life being busy it will take me some time but this is a really great place to start. Very glad I signed up to the forums
  • Cassius - this is great, thank you very much