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  • What is everyone’s thoughts on λάθε βιώσας? Let me say that I am a huge proponent of this idea. In a world where social media and the media continue to invade our private lives, I’ve found that excusing myself from that arena and those platforms has been an incredible relief! That alone has given me great pleasure. Getting the social spotlight off of me. With anonymity can come peace and privacy. Something that has become increasingly rare.
  • I think a good way to view this concept, as with many other Epicurean concepts, with a mind of personal prudence. This does not mean, in my opinion, to become an ascetic or a hermit, but rather to limit exposure to public life that may be unnecessary. Especially within the realm of social media. I’ve found it is far more peaceful to stay out of the spotlight.
  • I would say too this does not mean shirking ones civic duty to the detriment of ones self (such as avoiding ALL politics and not participating in governmental process like voting or rallying for an important cause for yourself). Such inactivity may lead to pains or regret if not prudently acted upon. This is really a position of avoiding unnecessary exposure to the public eye. If it’s unnecessary it probably isn’t worth the exposure.