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  • I was never Able to make sense of isonomia or with how the gods fit into the canon of it is empirical. https://theautarkist.wordpress…ok-at-the-epicurean-gods/
  • I think the key problem I have with the theory of the Epicurean gods is their immortality. It doesn’t pass the test of conceivability that we find in Philodemus’ “Methods of Inference”. I can conceive of blissful, super-evolved beings, maybe ones who live for hundreds or for thousands of years. But No species has ever been observed to be immortal. And furthermore, no _habitat_ has been observed to be eternal. All the stars are suns that, like ours, will eventually explode as supernovas. There ar…
  • Re: incorruptible versus immortal, the Monadnock translation contains both the original Greek and the English, and translates "That which is blissful and immortal" from: τὸ μακάριον καὶ ἄφθαρτον Which, if you pass it through google translate, refers to blessedness (makarion) and the other word has to do with death. Maybe a Native Greek can better translate ἄφθαρτον (autharton). My understanding is that "death" is Thanatos.